by James Robert Deal
Commercial Mortgage Broker, Attorney

(I am an inactive residential loan officer. Formerly I was a mortgage broker with a crew of agents. Now I work solo, assisted only by my wife. I no longer do residential mortgages. I only do commercial loans now.)


I ask my commercial mortgage clients to pay a retainer. I then get a bonus when the transaction closes. I realize this approach is very different from the way most commercial loan officers work. There is a reason for this. I am going to represent my client to the fullest. I need to know that my client is going to be loyal to me. 


Commercial mortgage work involves a lot of legal analysis. Borrowers need to be represented by legal counsel. I provide both the mortgage analysis and the legal analysis for one price.


What if some other loan officer comes through with them loan? I will reduce my bonus, but I will still receive a bonus at the end. Borrowers need to be represented in their dealings with any loan officers and with the ultimate lender. I am in the picture to deliver that representation.


Call me at 425-774-6611 or 888-999-2022 for further information. Or e-mail me. The fax number is 425-776-8081.

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