by James Robert Deal
Attorney and Mortgage Loan Officer
See: http://fluoride-class-action.com

The fluoridation of our water is an assault on our bones, teeth, nerves, thyroid, pineal gland, and other organs and systems. Hundreds of recent scientific studies make it undeniable that fluoridating drinking water at any level is negligence and recklessness. The information is now freely available on the Internet. Water districts, cities, counties, and states all have employees who should be reading and studying these issues. They are now on notice that fluoridation is causing harm. I am putting them all on notice that they can be sued, and from the time they receive this notice, their culpability is greater.

My goal is to deliver notice of potential liability to water districts and also to others involved in the production and delivery of fluoridation materials - state agencies which regulate water districts, federal agencies which have dodged their duties to regulate the addition of fluoride to drinking water, and private agencies which purport to test and certify fluoridation materials as safe.

I will advise water districts to consult with their insurance carriers and attorneys as to whether they are now and will be covered is someone sues them over these fluoridation issues.


Even before I went to law school, I wanted to be an environmental lawyer. I graduated to find out that most paying jobs in environmental law were jobs working for polluters. There were few plaintiff's environmental cases around. The experienced plaintiff's environmental lawyers did not want to help the new lawyers because there wasn't even enough money for them. So I couldn't break into the field. But I did break into real estate law and then mortgage. 

My calling to do environment law has held, and now I am finally able to fulfill it by helping lead the charge against drinking water fluoridation.

I found throughout my legal career that people with good cases usually lacked the money to pay me. I could not afford to work on a contingency basis or for free. Now, I am situated so that I can take up this fluoridation issue on a pro bono publico basis.


Click here to read the first "broadsheet" I published back in 2005. I took it with me to the Herb Fair in Whatcom County that year and held a workshop on the subject. A fluoridation storm had been brewing in Skagit County for some time. See this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer dated January 16,  2007. Efforts to fluoridate drinking water there were ultimately beaten back by well-informed volunteers who were outspent 100 to 1 by a group of uninformed dentist.

Why do dentists line up behind fluoridation? Not all do. Many scholarly dentists have read the studies and are coming forward. Dentists who support fluoridation have generally not read the literature on the subject. Most dentists have supported fluoridation for so long for the same reason almost everyone  else has. They believed the propaganda.

The phosphate fertilizer, aluminum, and uranium industries all had fluoride left over after they manufactured their products. They could not dump it in lake, river, or ocean. They could dig holes and pour it in and store it there indefinitely, which is what they do with part of their leftover toxic fluoride waste. But that too costs money. So they invented a use for fluoride: They hired dentists to convince politicians and the public that it prevented tooth decay. And they put it in our drinking water.

Water fluoridation is a monumental fraud based on fraudulent science. Read Christopher's book Fluoride Deception, and listen to what he has to say:


Click here to watch part 1. Click here to watch part 2 and click here to watch part 3.

Fluoride is generally fatal at 5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. It meets the definition of a poison under Washington law. At lower concentrations it is still a poison. The effects are cumulative and set in gradually. We do not die right away. But over the long term our health is eroded and for some life is shortened.

In 2007 I decided to do what ever I could to get this slow poison out of our water.  I wrote this letter to Governor Gregoire.

I made the point that fluoride dissolves almost everything, including lead. Lead solder for use in plumbing was not outlawed until 1986, so this might explain why lead continues to show up in water fountains in old Seattle schools, at levels up to 1,600 ppb, far above the EPA maximum of 20 ppb.

Denise Clifford, director of the Washington Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water, writing for the governor, sent me this reply on August 20, 2007. She said that fluoride added to drinking water could not dissolve the lead because the pH of the water was always monitored and kept within safe limits.

Ms. Clifford admitted that mercury, lead, and arsenic were present in the fluoridation materials, but said the quantities were too tiny to worry about. She cited ANSI/NSF Standard 60 as proof that fluoridation materials were safe. However, ANSI/NSF 60 has not been updated in light of the National Research Council study done in 2006. You can read the National Research Council study online or buy it as a book or download.