by James Robert Deal
Attorney/Mortgage Broker

If you live in the Lynnwood area, attend the Alderwood Water District meetings. They take place every first and third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Come at 4:30, and we will hold a de-fluoridation meeting of our own before each Board meeting in the foyer.

Send an e-mail to Alderwood Water District: Send it to: TJones@awwd.com. Theresa Jones will forward your e-mail on to the board members. Ask the board members to be open-minded and look at the science.

If you do not live near Lynnwood, then replicate the work I have done in your own water district. Start with the documents on my web site. Get a local attorney to put them on his letterhead and present them to your water district. Attorneys have a duty to do pro bono publico work, and de-fluoridation of drinking water is definitely “for the public good.” Attorneys are always looking for meaningful and effective pro bono work, and this should top the list.

First send your water district a Freedom of Information request – like this one.

When you get your response back, it will almost certainly be as insufficient as the response I received from Seattle, Everett, and Alderwood. The response will almost certainly include admissions which show that no one on the water board or working for the water board has read the 2006 National Science Council study on water fluoridation. They will be admitting their failure to keep up with the relevant science on the subject and thus their failure to do due diligence, which is negligence.

Second, follow up with a Notice of Liability for Water Fluoridation & Notice to Preserve and not Destroy Evidence – like this one.

Third, write a letter like the one I sent to Alderwood to put your own water district on notice they need to take action:

If your home water districts buys fluoridated water from some other district, it must demand that the supplying district deliver non-fluoridated water to your home water district.

If your home water districts buys fluoridated water from some other district, it must demand that the supplying district indemnify your water district against the lawsuits which are coming.

Your water district must send out written notice which warns those with kidney disease that the National Kidney Foundation has withdrawn its endorsement of fluoridated water and that those with kidney disease should not drink fluoridated water.

Your water district must send out written notice warning mothers not to mix formula with fluoridate water.

Fourth, attend water district meetings. Encourage residents to attend and ask hard questions. Invite guest speakers.

Fifth, start with my Fluoride Broadsheet 2009 and modify it for use with your own water district.

There is something you can do, both locally and nationally. So do something!



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